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Hypnosis Guide

To begin to understand this concept of hypnotism, let me start by asking you a question: when was the last time you felt in control of your life?

Well what if you could posses a power you gained through self hypnosis and Covert Hypnosishypnosis training that allowed you literally to control any given situation, would you use it?  Would you be happy? Would you be successful?


If there was one piece of information that can empower you to influence your mind and attitudes, then look no further than self hypnosis. Once these simple how to hypnosis techniques have been learned, it is almost a push button system to achieve all you desire.
Sounds unbelievable?


Covert Hypnosis|The Hidden Power

Covert Hypnosis is a method of persuading someone using different methods and strategies, without them really knowing it.

Creating the right situations to achieve a goal, or influencing and persuading a person to subconsciously make a decision in someone’s favor are techniques that take a lot of time and patience. One of the most powerful techniques of this style of hypnosis is time distortion; it is something that we use so often to gain time.

It is an excellent skill to practice and if people really understand this form of hypnosis,  they would be able to use it more effectively and efficiently. It is an important technique to master as it is necessary for survival in this world.

Getting someone to agree, analyze and involve themselves in making decisions subconsciously is an extremely powerful skill to posses. It’s a way of manipulating someone’s mind  through the way we talk and write. Through conversations with others we are able to manipulate them into taking the decisions we want them to.
Usually the person’s conscious mind controls their unconscious mind, but the unconscious mind also sometimes derives its own way of doing things.

Through this type of hypnotism we can get people to bring back feelings and emotions by hypnotizing them without being aware of it


Or Is It Conversational Hypnosis

These days a lot of terms are used to define covert hypnosis, like:

stealth hypnosis,
subliminal hypnosis,
instant hypnosis,
conversational hypnosis
underground hypnosis,
Covert hypnosis is simply the technique of communicating with the subjects unconscious mind without making the subject aware of the interaction. As this typically occurs during a conversation, it is known as sleight of mouth or conversational hypnosis. If done correctly, the person who is hypnotized will not be aware that anything unusual has occurred.


How It All Works

There has been a basic system developed for people who want to know how to covertly hypnotize someone. It requires a carefully controlled approach but can offer fantastic results. As you have sen in the video above, how “key” words are highlighted, even a play on words.

Example: phrase in the video above was “scratch your knows {nose}

Initially a subconscious relationship is built with the subject. Once this has been achieved with the individual, a suggestion should be made utilizing a metaphor {example above} that will indirectly connect with the associated meaning in the listener’s mind. This metaphor will imply that the individual is already in a mental state, thereby causing him or her to fall into that condition.

The two juggernauts in this field of hypnosis, known for their world renowned training are, Igor Ledochowski [Conversational Hypnosis] and Steven Peliari [The Art of Covert Hypnosis]

Practical Uses

One example of “Mind Control“, is to tell the subject not to think of something such as “do not think of a black cat.” In order to process that statement the person has to access the sector of their brain that contains information on the black cat, thereby forcing it to become a major thought in their mind, again as the video above demonstrates.

Afterwards, further suggestion can change how a person thinks or believes concerning a subject without ever realizing it was discussed.

Another common covert hypnosis technique is the creation of a temporary form of amnesia or forgetfulness.

After inducing the suggestion that the individual is experiencing this state, a properly approached subject will begin to do so, effectively deactivating their analytical mind.

In this state of hypnosis, the listener can be questioned or suggested toward a certain behavior without leaving a memory of the conversation.

In practice covert hypnosis is a very powerful method for subjecting an individual to the will of the hypnotist. It is both one of the easiest hypnosis techniques to learn, and one of the least obvious, try it !!


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